Choice of Games
Illustrated Cover Arts for Choice of Games' text-based interactive novels.
Creme de la Creme
Crème de la Crème by Hannah Powell-Smith

Climb to the very top of the class at your exclusive private school for socialites! Will you study hard, find a perfect match, or embrace scandal?

Paola Tuazon - Tower Behind the Moon - Choice of Games Cover Art
Tower Behind the Moon by Kyle Marquis

You are already an archmage–can you become an immortal? Use magic and cunning to thwart rivals, fight demons, and outwit gods so you can join their ranks.

Blackstone Academy for the Magical Arts by Alana Joli Abbott

Cast spells, pass your exams, and save the world! You’ll compete for glory in the sky sailing tourney, find love, and steer the fate of magic itself.

Paola-Tuazon - Blackstone Academy - Choice of Games Cover Art
Paola Tuazon - A Squires Tale - Choice of Games Cover Art
A Squire's Tale by Benjamin Appleby-Dean

Battle evil faeries and traitors at court to rescue the prince of England! Can you resist the call of faerie long enough to complete your quest?

Fox Spirit: A Two-Tailed Adventure by Amy Clare Fontaine

Dazzle humanity or destroy it as a magical, two-tailed fox! Weave illusions, shapeshift, or control minds. You’ll set the world on fire, one way or another.

Paola Tuazon - Fox Spirit - Choice of GamesCover Art
Paola Tuazon - Cakes and Ale - Choice of Games Cover Art
Jolly Good: Cakes & Ale by Kreg Segall

Get yourself into and out of another fine mess! Win glory, renown, and much-needed money though cunning schemes that will seem like good ideas at the time.