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Hi! I'm Paola~

Welcome to my little nook on the internet! I’m an illustrator from the Philippines, creating nostalgic works with retro, vintage, fairy tale and classic 90s RPG game influences.


If we really go back to my art beginnings, it would have to be when I was merely 2 months old and the 90’s 7-Up commercial would air, featuring an animator drawing Fido Dido. My mom would tell me that even when asleep, my eyes would suddenly jolt wide open upon hearing the first few beats of the music, watch with my little saucer eyes in immense fascination and immediately fall back asleep when it ends. Now, I don’t think babies see well at that age to realize what’s going on, but my parents knew then that I would have to be dealing with art when I grow up.


“Creating work that could help anyone be reminded of old joys inadvertently buried would be one of my cornerstone missions as an artist.”


My art is largely molded by childhood memories and things I grew up with: hide and seek, console games and Japanese animation, paper dolls, reading old books with pages threatening to crumble at the slightest touch, selling unripe mangoes from our backyard, and drawing on candlelight when the power goes out. Bringing out similar memories from anyone who sees my art is what I hope for— I want them to remember a part of their childhood where lives are much simpler and see the world through eyes full of wonder. I find that especially now with the rise of social media where we have to deal with so much anxiety and loneliness, creating work that could help anyone be reminded of old joys inadvertently buried would be one of my cornerstone missions as an artist. I want to provide a cozy space for anyone to geek out, drink their afternoon tea and decorate their planners. I want to reach out to people with mixed interests the same as I. I want people to feel and remember home.


From Architecture, to web design, to game art development and book covers… my creative journey is just starting. Sometimes you cannot fully direct where life takes you, but if you remain authentic to you and your voice, you will always find yourself where your soul yearns to be. Just open yourself to an adventure!


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