Welcome! (Freebie inside)

Welcome to my e-housewarming! My little nook on the net is finally ready to launch!

2020… What a year right? It has been difficult for a lot of people and in many ways forces us to take stock of what we have and what we’ve been doing with our lives.

Reworking my website and starting a blog (and a shop, very soon!) has always been on my mind since I started. Freelancing is my bread and butter for the past several years and so this website project had always taken the back seat. This force majeur of a pandemic may have halted a lot of things, but it also gave some of us (who are privileged enough) that perfect excuse to finally pursue what we’ve always wanted. I mean, hey. If the world’s gonna end tomorrow then at least I actually, and FINALLY tried.

Enough with the rambling! Here’s what to look out for in this blog:

  • Resources & Freebies
  • Reviews
  • Insights to my Process
  • Inspiration features
  • Art Updates
  • Freelancing and Art Business TipsΒ 
  • …and random musings


Also, as special thanks to my first readers, you’ll be getting an exclusive pioneer readers gift when you sign up here! β™₯ Be sure to check your Spam folders in case it got stuck there by your E-mail filter.


What do you want to see more from this blog? Do let me know in the comments below!


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